A Serious Matter Virlanda Miller


Published: July 26th 2012



A Serious Matter  by  Virlanda  Miller

A Serious Matter by Virlanda Miller
July 26th 2012 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 7.19 Mb

Short Story Press Presents A Serious Matter by Virlanda MillerWhen wronged, is it better to seek revenge or to forgive? A Serious Matter describes the efforts of two long-lost childhood friends, Jeannie and Violet, to come to terms with their hatred of a mutual, unnamed enemy.• Jeannie already has a restraining order against the man, her estranged husband who previously tried to kill her.• The same man also killed Violet’s fiancé in a drunk-driving accident on Violet’s wedding day and feels no remorse.

Jeannie learns about the accident and reaches out to Violet at the funeral, rekindling their friendship.• When Jeannie and Violet learn the man is being released from jail after serving only a few months of his jail sentence, they decide justice has not been served and they have to create a plan of vigilante revenge.• When their murder-for-hire plan does not execute in the way they had envisioned, their lives are changed forever.Jeannie and Violet find themselves wondering if they were right in plotting revenge, or if it may have been better to forgive their tormentor.

The women will ultimately travel different paths- one choosing to forgive, the other refusing to do so. The reader will see how the friends’ decisions affect their lives moving forward, with an unexpected ending.

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